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Our Clients Testimonials:

"GP Construction is very knowledgeable in masonry repairs. They helped us diagnose the problems we were having with water leaking/penetration in our build and gave us suggestions on what needed to be accomplished based on our financial considerations. They were prompt to give us feedback, if we had any questions related to the job before and after completion. GP Construction was very professional with the work that was done and also the explanation of work items being accomplished before the job started. I would use them again on any masonry project in the future because they were available at all phases of the project in person or via phone and was very accommodating to our needs and time."

"GP Construction completed multiple masonry projects at our home, including building a retaining wall, laying a concrete entry area with drainage and repairing a chimney."

"True professionals. Peter is a technician and a great businessman. We called him to do some masonry work on our old house. He's an expert an solving any problem and his crew are tried and true. His crew has laid tiles in our bathrooms and kitchen, poured cement in our back entry area, designed and built a retaining wall, and repaired the chimney. They are true professionals. Peter was constantly in touch with us about the projects progress and stropped by the house daily until the job was finished. GP Construction is the ONLY masonry group we'll call from this day forward."

"The owner was easy to reach and always responded quickly. He explained everything in a uncomplicated manner so it was easy to understand. His crew was also friendly and very hard workers. The work area was returned to its preconstruction condition when the job was done. I am hiring them again next week to redo my front walk and entryway. VERY PROFESSIONAL!!!"

"The work was completed on time and to my satisfaction. The company is friendly yet professional. Peter checked in with the crew to assure the job was going well."

"Peter" and his crew were very professional...from start to finish. They answered all our questions to our complete satisfaction and in some areas, they went "above and beyond" from what would be expected from a work crew. We look forward to a continued professional relationship on a future project."

"The existing concrete walkway was adapted to need and a new bluestone walkway was installed. Everything went as planned and the finished product is just what I wanted."